“Neural Networks and AI – Architecture will soon be influenced by these technologies, too”

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SA Lab founders, Stepan Kukharskiy and Alina Chereyskaya. Photo by Margarita Gerasimova SA Lab’s Stepan Kukharskiy and Alina Chereyskaya: “With the fast development of neural networks and AI that we see now in different fields, architecture will soon be influenced by these technologies, too, from design stages all the way up to construction work.” How […]

“The future of retail design is a chain reaction of bots”

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Prof. Architect Shraga Kirshner, a researcher of algorithmic design,  thinks we should trust our intuition, and believes handicaps can be made into an advantage How are innovative technologies changing retail and its future? “The shopping experience is turning virtual. An algorithmic consultant will be part of the experience, assisting with choosing the product, learning the […]

Exploiting Simulated Annealing in Generative Design of Commercial Spaces

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Generative design frees us from the limitations traditionally imposed on designers It is happening right now and provids designers with unimagined and innovative solutions to increasingly demanding customers in a complex and competitive world. Architectural planning is iterative by nature. Planners navigate regularly through trade-offs that stem from conflicts between the physical space and obstacles within, regulatory […]

“The actual face of the beast of consumption will probably change more in the next 5 years than it has in the previous 50”

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Paco Underhill, Envirosell founder and CEO says: “I turned a coping mechanism, a handicap, into a profession”. Underhill, who looks for ideas, inspiration and innovation in countries with a young population, employees from disparate parts of companies, students who don’t know what they want to do when the grow up, and his own kids” How are innovative technologies […]

“AI and decentralization will drive a huge, worldwide revolution”

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Alex Isaiev of OSA DS thinks AI can change retail, for good: “empowering smart consumers, providing them with the possibility to make conscious and educated purchase decisions, while revolutionising retail itself” Alex Isaiev is co-founder and CEO of OSA Decentralized, an AI-driven big data platform with blockchain functionality. He explains that his company ”provides services for consumer product consumers, retailers and manufacturers in […]