“AI and decentralization will drive a huge, worldwide revolution”

Alex Isaiev of OSA DS thinks AI can change retail, for good: “empowering smart consumers, providing them with the possibility to make conscious and educated purchase decisions, while revolutionising retail itself”

Alex Isaiev is co-founder and CEO of OSA Decentralized, an AI-driven big data platform with blockchain functionality. He explains that his company ”provides services for consumer product consumers, retailers and manufacturers in real-time, improving inefficient processes in retail, and solving a major problem woth global retail – product availability, which is costing businesses $400B a year. An AI engine analyzes big data from more than 100 sources in real time, finds uncertain dependencies, recognises anomalies and manages actions to improve inefficiencies at the store and supply chain. OSA DC also creates a Global Product catalog, enriched by ingredients data, an image recognition model and product ratings. Important data is secured by blockchain. Decentralized processes are managed by smart contracts. OSA DC has started development of AI-driven digital assistant for Consumers and Business. Key stakeholders get the following benefits:

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence come from: Consumers, AI and Mother Earth. We are all consumers. Our children, our Families, our friends. All of them – all of us – are consumers.

What is your professional vision?

“Decentralized AI-driven digital assistant, powered by smart contracts and based on blockchain. We call it Responsible AI. We bring retail 3.0: empowering smart consumers, providing them with the possibility to make conscious and educated purchase decisions, while revolutionizing retail itself through AI, big data and blockchain technologies.

We will combine consumption data with health care data and create Responsible AI which will find the

causes of thousands of diseases. Then OSA AI will prescribe a personalized diet for consumers in order to keep them healthy.

Today, consumer product retail is like the Internet without Google and We are creating a retail Google to help find products, and a retail to find ratings for those products.

How do you keep up with new technologies and innovation?

We permanently improve our AI engine, as well as big data platform. Our data scientists periodically work at the stores or warehouses, in order to get the best business understanding, and have the business people study machine learning. We engaged into our board one of the leading brains in AI form Carnegie Menlo University, NY University, Caltech, and Oregon University to further develop sophisticated solutions. We are opening a Data Science laboratories managed by our AI advisory board to develop new ML language (to be Based in Moscow-Kiev), Text Mining and NLP (St. Pete) and Responsible AI (California).

How do you solve common problems in your field?

Increase sales by improving product availability on store-shelves in real time. The process is: collect big data – clean data – enrich data – analyze data – create AI engine – find anomalies – prescribe actions in retail – control actions – improve situation.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

It was in one of Brian Tracy’s books: “All is temporary. All things will disappear.  And one thing will stay. This is the thing which was done with LOVE.” And our mantra is: “AVANTI CON AMORE” (GO FORWARD WITH LOVE.)

What is still your biggest challenge?

My personal challenge and our company’s challenge is to keep focus on ONE THING. We have found the gold in real time analytics, as well as build the skills to pass Death Valley (distance between genius Data Scientist and real business to create applicable solution). This gives us capability to create solutions for many issues in consumer product retail and it’s hard to stay focused on our core mission.

What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

A) Genius data scientist is not equal to applicable solution

B) Flat structure does not work for all high performing people. We are building a flat structure in the company (no presidents, no directors). When we announced that, most of our employees were glad to hear that. But practice showed that a minority is ready to perform well in flat structure. It requires a high level of consciousness of all employees, high level of self-motivation. And to build a flat structure takes lot of effort from my side, and requires considerable time.

C) Strategic plans and long-term planning died in our days. Agile supported by intuition, drives success. We are living in very fast changing environment.

Where do you see the future of your field, and yourself in it?

AI and decentralization are two forces which will drive a huge, worldwide revolution. We are at an early stage of this wave, and it will take many years to change our lives dramatically. AI creates big value for humanity, and will allow to build societies with unconditional income. Decentralization will create an imminent power by uniting people, companies, and consumers. This power is much stronger than any existing big corporation. We have two missions (same as my personal ones): To create a responsible AI, which cares about the planet and consumers’ health, and shares the value in a positive way; and to combine the consumption data with health care data, then use responsible AI to find uncertain dependencies which were not known before, which in turn will help us provide a prescription for each individual consumer to care for their health and quality and longevity of life.

What’s next for you?

Decentralization. We are turning our existing big data platform into a decentralized solution to unite various parties around the globe which are currently disconnected – data providers, data scientists, IT developers, computation power providers, consumers, manufacturers, and others. We do that by uniting the forces of great minds around the planet, to unite billions of consumers to create consumer power, to empower a smart consumer.

Please fill in the blank: The Future of Retail Design Is ….

Current retail has no future. Now is the time of platforms (Amazon, Alibaba, etc.) The future method of consumption needs satisfaction – a personal digital assistant powered by AI. We call it cross-platform AI.

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